Late Tet of Vietnamese in Frankfurt

24 Tháng Hai 2016

National Times- The community of Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) in Frankfurt, Germany, welcomed new year later but no less exciting with many traditional activities. 

The festival to welcome New Year of the Monkey was held by Vietnamese living in Frankfurt, Offenbach and surrounding areas right on the 15th of the first lunar new year. After the lion-dragon dance and drum awakening to open festival, participants joined New Year’s incense ritual. 

The attendance of many local Vietnamese associations such as Vietnamese Women's Cultural Association in Germany (abbreviated to Mifafa), Vovinam group, “Ganh Hat Dan Gian” (Folk singing troup) dance crew, Frankfurt lion dance crew, together with singers, artists created a diverse and colorful spring festival.


Frankfurt’s women wearing “ao dai” gracefully performed with background song “"Mười hai mùa hoa Hà Nội" (Hanoi’s Twelve flower seasons).  

Solo, duet, group vocal performance to welcome spring including “cai luong” (traditional opera), folk songs of three Vietnamese regions… made OVs feel as if homeland is very close.

A male artist astonished audience with his skillful ribbon dance. 

A comedy named “Táo xa quê” (Kitchen Gods away from homeland) brought lots of laugh and empathy to OVs this Tet.

Foreign friends not only came to watch but also perform. In photo, Tom Nova, a Germany, dressed in Vietnamese traditional costume sang two Vietnamese folk songs: "Qua cầu gió bay" (the wind on the bridge) and "Người ở đừng về" (please stay, don’t leave). 

Many children eventhough born in Germany still can speak Vietnamese really well and answer correctly questions about Tet history and customs. Their prizes are red envelops of lucky money hanged on a peach blossom tree which OVs association brought here from Vietnam. 

Spring welcoming program features cultural activities such as “Góc ông đồ” (Calligrapher’s corner) introducing calligraphy writing, books, literature corner, photo contest, culinary corner with many traditional dishes along with other activities for children

Cam Nhung (Source: vnexpress)