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Residents Wait over Night to Receive Tran Temple Seal

22 Tháng Hai 2016

National Times- The seal opening ceremony at Tran Temple officially took place at night on February 1. However, the seal distribution officially kicked off on the morning of February 22, yet thousands of people showed up early waiting to receive the seal.

The seal opening ceremony started at midnight, as accommodation service is lacking and prices are 2-3 times higher, many people chose to sleep right on the temple’s yard or at streets cafes nearby to wait for the distribution time.

Residents sit there filling the stone verenda floor which originally was corridor of Giai Vu aisle, with readily-prepared feasts, water and blankets, so that right after receiving the seal, pilgrims can come in to the temple and join the rituals.

This woman is huddling herself up behind the wall of Exhibiting house in Trung Hoa temple. The seal opening ceremony took place at 23.15, after organizers conducted Ngoc Lo palaquin ritual and water procession.

Many people sat in queue from midnight to take their places wishing to receive the seal soon.

The sub-committee in charge of festival mangement and organization said they tried their best to ensure security, traffic safety, clealiness and environment. Deputy Chairman of Nam Dinh city People’s Committee said: “There are about 2000 policemen participating in ensuring security, all are divided in 5 rounds at 23 booths to secure order”.

At 5 a.m February 22, a carrosse carrying many seals arriving at Giai Vu aisle’s yard.

Ms. Oanh coming fromDao Duc commune, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province shared: “I am here since last night, all night waiting for distribution time. I am glad to be the first person to receive seal at Giai Vu house array, hope that this seal will bring meluck in the new year.”

Unlike previous years, this year distribution time takes place 30 minutes earlier. At 5.30 a.m, all work of organizing security and arranging tables to distribute seals at three buildings were ready.  

The nearer to morning, the more number of visitors. The yard of Thien Truong temple, Co Trach, Trung Hoa were crowded with people, some already received seal still stayed waiting to get more. Price of seal-stamp remained unchanged, VND 15,000 each.

As scheduled, the organizers will distribute seal at Giai Vu aisle until seals sold out

Ngoc Thanh (toquoc.vn)